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( Statement of Particulars )
1. Application of Income for Charitable or religious Purposes
a) Amount of Income of the pervious year applied to the Charitable or religious purposes in India during that year. 3454000.00
b) Whether the Trust/ Institution has exercised the option under clause (2) of the Explanation to the Section 11 (1). If so, the details of the amount of income deemed to have been allied to Charitable or Religious purpose in India during the previous Year. NIL
c) Amount of Income accumulated or set apart/ finally set apart for application to Charitable or religious purpose to the extent derived from property held under trust wholly in part for such purposes. 532555.00
d) Amount of Income, eligible for exemption under section 11(1) (c) ( Give Details) NIL
e) Amount of Income in addition to the amount referred to in item 3 above, accumulated or set apart for specified purposes under section 11(2). N.A.
f) Whether the amount of Income mentioned in the manner laid down in section 11(2) (b), if so, the details thereof N.A.
g) Whether any parts of the Income in respect of which an option was exercised under clause (2) of the explanation to section 11(1) in any earlier year is deemed to be income of the previous year under section 11(1b) , if so, the details thereof. N.A.
h) Whether during the previous year, any part of Income accumulated or set specified purposes under section 11(2) in any earlier year :-- N.A.
i) Has been applied for purposes or has ceased to be accumulated or set apart for applicable there to or, NO
j) Has ceased to remain invested in any security referred to in section 11(2)(b) (i) or deposited in any account referred to in section 11(2) (b) (ii) or section 11(2)(b) (ii) or N.A.
k) Has not been utilized for purposes for which it was accumulated or set apart during the period for Which it was to be accumulated or set apart , or in the year immediately following the expiry thereof , it so details thereof, N.A.
2. Application or Use of Income or property for the benefit of presons refered to section 13 (3)
a) Whether any part of the income or property ofthe Institution was lent, or continues to be lent, in the previous year to any person referred to in this Annexure as Such person, if so, give details of the amount, rate of interest charged and the nature of security, if any. N.A.
b) Whether any lend, building or other property of the institution was made or continued to be made available for the use of any such person during the previous year ? if so, give details of the property and the amount of Rent or Compensation Charged if any, N.A.
c) Whether any payment was made to any such person during the previous year by way of salary, allowances or otherwise? if so, give details, N.A.
Name Designation Nature of Service Amount Paid
Shri C.L.Meena DiRBCtor/President Administration 240000/--
Smt. Prem Meena P.R.O. Administration 120000/--
    Total 360000/--
d) Whether the service of the institution were made available to any such person during the previous year? If so, give details thereof together with remuneration or compensation RBCeived if any NO
e) Whether any shares, security or other property was purchased by or on behalf of the Institution during the previous year from anysuch person? if so, give details thereof together with the consideration RBCeived. NO
f) Whether any income or property of the Institution was diverted during the previous year in favour of any each person? if so, give details thereof together with the amount of income or value of property diverted. NO
g) Whether the Income or Property of the Institution was used or applied during the previous year for the benefit of any such person in any other manner ? if so, give details NO
3. Investment held at any time during the previous year (s) in concerns in which person referred to in section13 (3) have a substantial interest.
S.NO. Name and Address of the Concern Whether the Concern is a Company number and Nominal Value of the Investment Income from the Investment Whether the amount in Col. 4 exceded 5% of the Capital of the Concern drg the Prev. year say yes Or No.
....... ............. ................. N.A. ..................... ........................
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